As soon as it begins, ‘I Want You to Destroy Me’ is an album that wrestles to find a true personality amongst all its sonic carnage. The opening triplet of songs rage between old blasts of Sonic Youth and Gun Club, No Age and Japandroids, but while undeniably coated in a layer of precarious and occasionally malfunctioning TNT, it struggles to add depth to the rich lineage it places itself amongst.

As the band reach ‘Words’, things alter altogether and while the coherence of thematic consistency is still absent, it suddenly morphs itself into a quality rather than a drawback. By the time they spew out the monstrous ‘Kiluhs’, they have reached a new plateau, once again. The album stutters and jolts as frequently as it surprises and delights – it’s draped in unpredictability and while it comes with some frustrations, the blindfolded journey is largely a thrill.

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