When approaching this follow up to the massively (and deservingly) successful ‘Lucky Shiner’, any sense of trepidation felt by both listener and artist is instantly dissolved within seconds of the delightfully ambitious ‘Half of Where You Live’, which simultaneously takes off from where Gold Panda’s debut left off and leaves it behind altogether.

It’s an expansive and occasionally explosive record, but also one wrapped in delicate intricacies and radiant warmth, something Gold Panda seems to be able to exude with nonpareil ease – the guy that made machines so personal two years ago. This too feels like an album planted in polar time spaces, the nocturnal bliss of ‘S950’ in stark contrast to the calypso techno-shuffle of the opening ‘Junk City II’, and it’s a record that fluctuates between tones and moods endlessly, each track bound together by a thematic thread (that of travel) and sonic fluidity that makes it so relentlessly captivating.

‘We Work Nights’ is perhaps Panda’s furthest flung venture yet, a fusion of East and West, and it hums majestically, managing to capture a tonality drenched in poignancy. Leading track ‘Brazil’ may have proved something of a red herring for many, as in many senses it stands out as the brightest and loudest firework of the pack, but it’s the more dulcet ambient tracks here that will secure Gold Panda’s regulation as a master of emotional, smart techno.

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