Sean Tillmann’s alter ego Har Mar Superstar is hard to take seriously. If Philip Taylor’s ‘Pantsman’ idea from The Apprentice had taken off, then I am sure Har Mar would have been a cheap option to do the modelling – thankfully it didn’t, but the pants are still very much on display.

Sean has ditched his electro-infused sound on ‘Dark Touches’ though, instead opting for circa 1970’s Sam Cooke soul style, which gives a chance for his wonderful set of pipes to shine. Throughout ‘Bye Bye 17’ his glorious croons hit the jackpot and are complemented by flurries of funk that are enjoyable if you don’t get a lingering image of the pop star bouncing around to the grooves in his underwear.

Yet while these soulful songs may merit attention, ultimately it is the joker’s persona that is stealing the headlines yet again, which begs the question if that will ever change.

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