In our desperation to worship any errant UV and finally shift the inclement indecision of spring, Husky Rescue’s fourth album, ‘The Long Lost Friend’, is a neat little microcosm of the current climate.

Typically purveyors of ambient pop and quirky folktronica, here, they throw up a few short, sweet blasts of sun-kissed optimism in the Aberfeldy plink-plonk of ‘Mountains Only Know’ and the frisky brass parps of ‘Under Friendly Fire’ but the playful melodies and ragged marching band momentum soon give way to an uneasy gloom.

Title track ‘The Long Lost Friend’ buzzes into a warped mash of phasers, skewed falsetto melodies and modem crashes, while ‘Colors’ jitters with malevolent intent. Along with the fragmented industrial clash of ‘June’, they are the darkest distractions of the album’s eight tracks, dialling jagged frequencies and breathy, hushed vocals that give ‘The Long Lost Friend’ an unexpectedly cold front.

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