Melt Yourself Down – a seven-strong progressive World Music collective featuring members of Acoustic Ladyland and other jazz-funk nuts – play the sort of brash carnival music that ends up being the highlight of your festival. It’s the kind of boisterous, brass-heavy music that makes the Bacardi bar the place to be at 2pm, not the main stage and all its singer/songwriter dross.

Melt Yourself Down attack like dancehall-gone-goofy on this eponymous debut album, only they play too fast for any kind of reggaeton skank to keep up. This is probably what ‘punk funk’ really sounds like – Afro party music pushed to its aggressive end, cowbells dented, the saxophone demented and wheezing. It also sounds like the band are having more fun than you are, even as you wriggle your arse over from the bar with a pint of cider in a paper cup.

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