The problem with Witch House is not the unGoogleable name gimmicks. It’s not the impossible translation to live performance. It’s not even the shameful Pitchfork/Creep ‘rape gaze’ incident a few years back, even though there’s a special place in the music industry underworld for those involved in its coinage and promotion. Its problem lies in the fact that it was out of date at its conception. It’s so stagnant in its methods and limited in its contributors that there’s barely any room for progression, and that’s exactly the case with Christopher Dexter Greenspan’s eventual debut album.

After two years and two EPs under the onomatopoeic oOoOO moniker, Greenspan is still churning out the same chopped vocals and the same druggy synths that many have already called out for their repetitiveness. ‘Misunderstood’ provides a glimpse of hope with its initial lines of cavernous bass, but falls into familiar clichéd territory within less than a minute. It’s not that it’s not good; it’s just that we’ve heard it all before.

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