With a prodigious work rate that puts most of his contemporaries to shame, Sean Nicholas Savage’s new record follows on from a trio (!) of full-lengths in 2011 that established him as a rising cult figure. Most noteworthy was ‘Flamingo’, a decidedly garish run-through of Savage’s favourite eighties synthpop touchpoints. On ‘Other Life’ he’s preserved his sharp ear for melody whilst taking things in a more soulful direction – territory that proves a neat fit for his rasping, and often fragile vocal style.

With only minimalist instrumentation throughout – simple keys on ‘More Than I Love Myself’, Beach Boys-esque, psychedelic, distorted guitar on ‘You Changed Me’ – Savage’s voice is laid bare, allowing his lyrics to come to the fore throughout. Contrary to the often-muddled ‘Flamingo’, here the key themes are clear – self-deprecation (‘She Looks Like You’, ‘Look at Me’) and regret (‘Change Your Mind’). The insistence on low fidelity can sound a little contrived in places, but ‘Other Life’ does little to damage Savage’s reputation as one of Montreal’s most intriguing prospects.