The remix album is often a precarious enterprise. It can go one of two ways – surpass the original or flaunt a redundant attempt to revive it. In this instance, Burgess’ cohorts breathe new, inspiring life into his 2012, second solo album.

‘Oh No I Love You More’ sees a continuation of Burgess’ tendency to forge out fandom-turned-friendships with the likes of Lambchop vocalist Kurt Wagner, Factory Floor, Hatcham Social and Seahawks lending a distinctly different edge to proceedings by imbuing each track with alluring, electronic interjection without any inordinate, sonic-mutilations of its companion.

From the hypnotic swirl of Django Django’s take on ‘Anytime Minutes’ to The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s marching, psychedelic transformation of ‘The Doors..’ each track is an enduring musical metamorphosis, boasting an infinite number of styles. The result? a gloriously permutated prelude to ‘Oh No I Love You’ that eclipses the original work.

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