‘Kokylie’, When Saints Go Machine’s breakthrough record, was an intricate fusion of electro pop. With this in mind the first offering from ‘Infinity Pool’ will have stumped a few people, as Killer Mike takes vocal duties on ‘Love And Respect’ with an old school rap. It is unlike anything the Danish quartet have done before, and not ones to stick to a tried and tested formula, they have once again evolved their slick sound.

Although ‘Love And Respect’ is a bit of a red herring, there is a more diverse range of upbeat styles that are expertly moulded together on this third LP. ‘System Of Unlimited Love’ is a psych rock jam, for example, while ‘Lodine’ is characterised by its classic hip-hop beats. Consistently pleasing and occasionally thrilling, it’s the evolution and progression of When Saints Go Machine that is perhaps more exciting of all.

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