The vigilant of music’s percipients will have noticed that everything sounds a whole lot nicer lately. Case Studies being our case in point here: any outward abrasion is forgone for a similar maudlin sensibility and ‘rustic’ rock sound that Fleet Foxes elicit to revive folk pastiches. And it’s not like there’s nothing to be angry about, either. But Jessie Lortz knows this, because he is seemingly, perpetually peeved.

‘This Is Another Life’ explores dark, sentimental landscapes that inform the bulk of his previous projects and debut under the Case Studies moniker similarly depicting trouble within. Indeed, this kind of neo-folk reverence isn’t averse to portraying personal discord: themes of suicide, heartbreak and regret predominate under beautifully ornate arrangements, but it basks in its own melancholy, and after repeated listens, its overt moroseness verges on the inert, hindering its potential to be as tastefully emotive as it initially suggests.

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