Montreal electronic musician Michael Silver started off as a creative remixer before taking up production duties that have born a dynamic collection of releases. His latest work under the CFCF moniker is ‘Music For Objects’, a conceptual EP where Silver has taken everyday objects and conveyed them through a piece of music. Just like on last years ‘Exercises EP’ he has opted for a continuation of the minimalist sound with stark piano chords, immersive percussion and synth dronen the chosen instruments to bring the pulse of this Canadian’s chosen objects to audial life.

‘Camera’ was the first glimpse offered into this release, and it is one of the dreamiest affairs here, as it flickers by like the quality of an old Polaroid’s grainy prints. Elsewhere, ‘Ring’ has an irresistible quality to it that emulates the serenity of its subject matter. Contrary to the mundane objects that have served as Michael Silver’s inspiration, this fluid and dynamic EP is compelling and anything but boring.

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