Turbo Recordings has bludgeoned a pretty brutal path over the last few years, so Clouds’ place in the Tiga stable is a jigsaw fit. It’s a natural home for Calum Macleod and Liam Robertson’s barracking Cold-War atmospheres, intangible vocals and the seemingly infinite breaks that make up ‘Ghost Systems Rave’.

Spaced out and sultry, withdrawn and cantankerous, it’s 14 tracks of deliciously murky techno; a depraved squat party that rumbles through bedroom walls, factory floors and abandoned warehouse doors.

All car-door slam beats and rolling rhythms, tracks like ‘Modular Surf’ irritably thump and throb, ’(9600) 1991 UB’ shudders and shakes, ‘Gothic’ relentlessly picks up the pace and ‘Future 1’ throws itself firmly back into 90s rave. Elsewhere ‘Roche Lobe (System)’ is the lone island of peace as it escapes the endless BPM throttle and melts into glimmering electronic glitches before the disjointed ‘Topless Female Nudity’ abrasively clatters and clangs its way to an angry end.

Indeed it’s these contrasts that makes ‘Ghost Systems Rave’ go beyond the obligatory techno grind. Amped by power and violence, unease and restlessness, it’s an immersive set for the caves and corners, the big booming spaces and the dark dens. Wherever they get you, Clouds are a force to be reckoned with.

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