The Breeders have been something of a recurring reference point for Nottingham’s Fists, it would appear. It’s not the sonic resemblance to the band that could justify such a comparison, though, more Fists’ ability to create an album that fluctuates wildly between tone and tempo and yet loses none of its central core or sonic essence.

Much like The Breeders, or even Big Star or Yo La Tengo (who both also surreptitiously rear their influential head from time-to-time) ‘Phantasm’ flicks switches between guitar-heavy ignitions and delicate, sombre refrains. Most pleasingly is that its not a record that relies on either side to carry the record – Fists feel just as comfortable in gentle whisper mode as they do locked into moments filled with screeching and pounding. The ebb and flow does dip into the odd forgettable moment, but largely this debut has beauty and grit in equal bounds.


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