9 artists from the Primavera Sound bill share their best and worst holiday experiences.


Chris Slorach of METZ
This is kind of the best and the worst because it was coming back from a really really great trip but when boarding the aeroplane climbing up the stairs to get onto the plane, this woman just collapsed and completely decked it in front of me. Crumpled on the floor she pissed herself. Obviously we tried to help her up but in picking her up and trying to help my hands were just covered piss. It was gross.

Nathan Hewitt of Cheatahs
The best holiday I went on was when I was 19 and left Canada for Europe with my cousin, Pete. We spend some time in Germany and after 3 weeks in Italy he went back home. I headed south to Sicily and climbed a volcano. A few weeks later I found myself in London looking for work. I found a job at a pub in Camden, which is where I met [Cheatahs guitarist] James and my now wife Jessica. That was 10 years ago. Longest holiday I’ve ever been on. Still feels like I left home yesterday. What a trip!

The Haxan Cloak
My worst holiday experience would probably be going to Newquay with my friend after my GCSE’s and their A-Levels. We went to this kind of 18-30’s surfing lodge and because we were the youngest there, I don’t think any of us were even 18, they kind of walked all over us and when we got there they said, ‘oh there’s been a problem with your room, but we’ve got this lovely caravan in the garden that you can all stay in’. Honest to God, man, it was like someone’s dead Granddad’s fucking caravan with mould everywhere and this really weird fucking odour in it. We slept in it for a couple of nights and then we said to them, ‘dude, it still smells really weird in here’, and they were like, ‘oh yeah there’s a gas leak’, so we’d just been sitting in a gas-filled caravan the whole time. Needless to say they upgraded us to some pretty sweet accommodation after that, so maybe that’s both the best and the worst.

Killer Mike
Best vacation I’ve ever had was going to Tampa, Florida, with my grandparents as a kid. That was an annual trip. I’d tie that with my wife taking me on my first cruise to Jamaica and the Bahamas. Probably the worst vacation I ever had was probably the first day of the Coachella Cruise when me and my wife were arguing all day. We argued like fuck all day. It was like, “fuck you”, “no, fuck you”, but the next three days were awesome. But that first day, we were just at each other. My best and worst days have been with my wife.

Melody’s Echo Chamber
Our Sweet Jodie [tour manager to Tame Impala] surprised us by renting a mini van and getting passes to go see the Flaming Lips play DownSouth (W. Australia). We got delicious snacks including smoked cheddar, crackers and ginger beers and everyone had prepared their best road trip playlist. Some classic autobahn tunes like Neu’s ‘Hallo Gallo’ and more epic ones like ‘In The Court of Crimson King’ were blasted. I also endured a couple of Australian ACDC hits. We’re staying at a pretty holiday house where friends had already started to party. I’m usually not into drugs but I decided it was the perfect environment to experiment and I took acid for the first time in my life, right before heading to the Flips gig. We couldn’t drive the van and the gig’s place was a 30min walk via road, but only 10 minutes if we took a shortcut through an endless swamp. Me and two other Frenchy chickens started to freak out cause we know that the most dangerous species live everywhere in Australia, but the confident Aussies convinced us somehow that it was totally fine. We had to take our shoes off and walk through the swamp’s dirty old waters and mud. I panicked half way through, realising how dangerous it probably was and my friend had to carry me on his back, and once we got on the normal road they finally admitted that it totally was the most dangerous snake-house ever and laughed at our French tight asses and shocked faces. We could not believe how casual they were about it. Nevertheless it ended up being hilarious as no one died. The real trip kicked in after members of The Flaming Lips asked us to wear ridiculous costumes and dance side of stage for their whole gig, which was totally unexpected. We obviously agreed and had 5 minutes to get a costume together but the crazy fans already got the best ones (the Sexy Bees outfit) – I only found some fluro hairy bits and pieces and a weird medieval dress (?). On stage, I realized my friend Joe was inside a hilarious giant inflated Sumo costume and the song ‘Race for the Prize’ was blasting out of the speaker right behind us. All of my best friends were dancing and endlessly laughing together with a bzillion confettis floating everywhere around us, and the most colorful, trippiest and sexiest video projections were behind us. I think I’ll never do that drug again ‘cause it’ll never be as magical. We ended up at the house playing a new kind of avant garde Petanque, really loopy rules and we damaged quite a bit of the backyard throwing metals balls everywhere. The holiday ended in the morning with us kind of sneaking out of the messed up house, a dive in the Indian Ocean, some shark fish and chips for breakie and a 5 hours drive back to Perth in a really calm, peaceful atmosphere.

My best holiday experience was when I was around 10 years old. My family and I went to Sun River Oregon for a summer vacation. Sun River is beautiful – there are bike paths all throughout the town, inactive volcanoes you can walk through, and a chocolate candy shop in the middle of town. Luckily for us, we brought our bikes, and when we arrived we signed up for a local bike race for kids ages 10-12, I think. My brother and I showed up for the race on our Huffy dirt bikes, wearing loose fitting helmets. We were surrounded by kids in spandex on european race bikes. I remember being really nervous, and feeling like I wanted to win. We lined up, I heard a whistle and began pedaling as fast as I possibly could. I was breathing so hard, I never looked back. I crossed the finish line and heard a guy on the loudspeaker announce first place. My brother was right behind me but I think he took third. I won a pair of sunglasses. That was my first blue ribbon as well as my last, thus making this my greatest vacation experience.

Pantha du Prince
I don’t do much holidays. I try to be on holiday all the time. I really try to keep the balance so I don’t need a holiday. I mean, staying two weeks at the beach and reading a book? I’m working every day, but when I don’t want to work anymore I stop. Sometimes it gets heavier and you see you’re in this circle of things and they’re eating you up, and you have to say stop, phone off, autoreply to emails. But it’s not that I’m then going on holiday, it’s more that I’m just off.

Hayden Menzies of METZ
I’ve not really been on many vacations, but this one was a good one. I went on a survival holiday to the Amazon with my Dad. He’s really into that shit, you know building your own tents, eating ants and stuff. We had some brief preparation about the area and stuff, then got taken out on a boat and then it was like “fuck you”, they dropped you off and just left you for two days in the middle of nowhere. It was cool, but my Dad is kind of old so I had to take care of him a lot, but it was good to make him happy.

I would have to say my best holiday was actually living in Paris for the summer with my son and my boyfriend. I’d travelled there tons of times but I’d never actually immersed myself in the culture, and that was just a really dreamy time. I was obsessed with Ella Fitzgerald and reading a couple of biographies about her, so I hit all of the landmarks that she did when she was there. My son also speaks French and there were some moments that I could never imagine happening, like I wanted to get my hair braided and he went into a salon and negotiated for me. All of those little moments were very simple but very special. As for my worst holiday, I feel so Disney being like, ‘I haven’t had a bad holiday’, but honestly, I’m trying to think of one. I’m sorry, I feel really wack for not being able to give one.


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