Jagwar Ma aka Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield have treated us to a nostalgic trip back to the late ’80s baggy days. The duo are another fine psychedelic export from Australia, and their more beat-orientated concoctions are a refreshing twist that separates them from their peers, whilst their ability to coat their tunes in their homeland’s bright rays prevents them from being a mere Madchester tribute act.

The melodies on ‘Howlin’ are intoxicating, and they have some solid gold hits in ‘The Throw’ and ‘Man I Need’ that are tailor made for evoking hysteria amongst throngs of mainstream festivalgoers. The sun-kissed grooves float around, underpinned by dance friendly beats. Ultimately, it may be a slightly refined take on the ecstasy fuelled music that filled the Hacienda, but don’t complain. It is very fun to get immersed in.

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