It can be very difficult to forge a distinct artistic identity in any genre, but that’s especially true of synth-pop, the chosen music of Swedish producer Hannes Norrvide, aka Lust For Youth. His third record, made up of largely instrumental synth-beat compositions, isn’t going to do it for him, but what we’re left with is thirty-six minutes of high quality, immersive, sometimes hypnotic music that surrounds and envelops you and even (at times) pushes away all cognitive thought.

‘I Found Love’ is like the soundtrack to a mildly disorientating, yet not unpleasant dream; a dream where you’re surrounded by dark shadows and bright lights in primary colours. Elsewhere the pulsating title track builds towards a faint end-of-song nod to ‘Blue Monday’. This is a polished, well-crafted record, which, while lacking any sense of groundbreaking originality, proves Norrvide to be an accomplished exponent of his art.

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