Until the Chilean-born, Cologne-raised Matais Aguayo emerged in 2011 as Battles’ new de facto lead singer on ‘Ice Cream’, he seemed content releasing low-key techno and deep house records with a slight samba slink. However, some of Battles’ playful deviancy and sense of mischief has evidently rubbed off on Aguayo, making his third album a slyly addictive, if slightly sprawling affair.

Opener ‘Rrrrr’’s purring samples and loose syncopation set the tone for an organic record that bubbles with a beautifully human percussive feel. It’s understated but also stands pleasingly proud of its idiosyncrasies: what appears to be delayed kazoo flourishes pepper ‘By The Graveyard’ for no better reason than that it sounds a bit wrong, and ‘Una Fiesta Diferente’s insistent, serpentine bassline knows how much of an earworm it is and is happy to exploit that.

Aguayo’s slightly iffy English lyrics mean that the tunes he tackles in Spanish are far more engaging – and the ones sung in only nonsense syllables better still.

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