Every so often a band comes along wrapped in so much nostalgia that they can no longer see the present day. MINKS are one of those bands. ‘Tides End’, the second album by the New York collective, couldn’t be more 1980s if it was wearing a pastel suit with the sleeves rolled up whilst playing Q*Bert down the local arcade. It’s crammed full of enough silky synth pop waves and antiseptic drum beats to make even the most avid OMD fan feel just a little bit queasy.

While it is of course perfectly acceptable to be influenced by the past, there is a point where it just becomes a bit too much, and with ‘Tides End’ MINKS pass the point and just keep on going, heading off into the sunset with only their treasured New Order LPs to keep them company, cooing lines like “Summer’s over/She’s leaving with you”. Sometimes the past is better left alone.


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