Following on from 2012’s ‘The Horror’, Pop. 1280 continue their rabid tearing through all things snarly and grubby. Their sound is one still deeply rooted in the work of David Yow and the usual affiliated associates but at the same time possesses enough terror and sneer of their own to avoid the usual trappings of tired emulation and genre restriction. Pop. 1280 manage to ooze a sordid squalor in their music. Their debut album told us to ‘Beg Like a Human’ and here they delve into (album highlight) ‘Human Probe’ – they clearly relish in subversion.

‘Imps of Perversion’ is teeming with wired energy, feeling scrappy in its execution but charged in its propulsion. It has menace and sneering bite to it, much of which comes from the animalistic yelps and car-crash impact guitars that screech Cramps-like throughout. And yet as fun and rollicking a ride as ‘Imps…’ is, it’s difficult to escape the weight of the band’s influence, not that that alters how much you know their live shows playing these songs are going to be mind-blowing.


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