‘The Bardo Story’ – the debut album from Baltimore’s Salvia Plath, but not from project guru Michael Collins, who’s previously gone by the equally ludicrous name Run DMT – is the year’s best late ’60s homage yet, simply by virtue that it’s not all good. A lot of it is outright daft, in fact.

Foxygen’s problem earlier this year was that they let hindsight get the better of them as they distilled the cream of 1969 into an album that was too edited for a decade so off of its face. ‘The Bardo Story’ features moments of drugged up divine intervention, like hippy anthem ‘House of Leaves’ but plenty more freeform ideas that I’m sure seemed good at the time, man (2 minutes of whistling for ‘Stranded’, scraping would-be Velvets demo ‘Bardo States’, 3 more minutes of flange guitar and lapping waves for ‘Pondering’). Over 10 more records, the ‘Best Of…’ will be great.

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