Listen to ‘strictlyFLOWZ’, the new mixtape from Bishop Nehru.



Last month Bishop Nehru left America for the very first time to fly to London to support his heroes, Ghostface Killah and MF Doom. While he was here, we took the 16-year-old rapper from up state New York to afternoon tea where we discussed his dislike for dumb rap that’s concerned with everything other than the music.

Along with Joey Bada$$, Nehru is on a mission to take hip-hop back to its golden age of storytelling.

After our tea he played with Killah and Doom at the 100 clun and then returned home where he finished new mixtape – the follow up to his breakthrough debut ‘Nehruvia’ – ‘strictlyFLOWZ’. Check it out below and read our interview with Bishop from Loud And Quiet 49 here.

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