Get it?! Throwing Up… Over You… There’s certainly nothing in any way nauseating (bet they’ve never heard that one before) about these East London girls, whose debut album evokes a DIY, stripped punk sound that falls somewhere between early Hole and what should have been somewhere on the Heathers score.

Infused with infectious lyrics about summer, boys, lying and generally not giving a fuck over frenzied guitars and anarchic drums, the trio stridently shriek, shred and tear their way through eleven hyperactive post-grunge tales of teen angst without a care for relevance or acceptance. In the golden electronic age of aural normativity and bedroom producer plagiarism it’s a refreshing change of tone, one that holds two belligerent fingers up to conformation.

More than anything it’s a nostalgic throwback: a returning glimpse into embarrassing adolescent diaries, or a sighting of a cheating ex-boyfriend from school working in Primark. Tipp-Ex your trainers, draw on your rucksack.