After releasing a handful of select cuts on Hyperdub, ‘Beyond’ marks Sam Walton’s arrival for real. Open-minded and wired to cut through everything from house and funk to grime and electro; it’s a debut immersed in perfectly programmed future beats and a healthy disrespect for dead space. See, Walton doesn’t want to waste your time so he fills tracks with punchy percussion, fading vocals and busy glitches.

There’s conflicts and contrasts, reference and deference permeating the majority of these 13 tracks. Where ‘Frisbee’ and ‘You and Me’ hit like mind-melts of woodpecker percussion and ingenuity, ‘Memories’ brings the murk with low-jack beats and old rave rhythms, ‘Every Night’ wafts a warm blast of energetic soul, busy bongo and off-beat rhythms, and ‘Amazon’’s dark, atmospheric techno drives hard.

It’s precision stuff, designed to get you moving as much as it is a clinical demonstration of craft and technical ability. At times, ‘Beyond’ isn’t the most accessible listen but when Walton gets the vibe just right, you know you’re looking into the future.

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