“Everything is my fault,” sings Wavves vocalist Nathan Williams on track ten of ‘Afraid of Heights’, and you can almost feel self-loathing pouring out into the music. With songs called ‘Beat Me Up’, ‘Everything Is My Fault’ and ‘I Can’t Dream’ there was always going to be a risk of slipping into self-indulgence and, though that isn’t necessarily the case, by the time the last few tracks of the LP arrive you can’t help but find yourself wilfully resisting the self-hatred.

Wavves have, however, produced some grimy-guitared, hook-laden gems – particularly heavier tracks like opener ‘Sail to the Sun’, which starts with a twinkle but soon propels itself into the anthemic, or the earworm refrain of ‘Demon to Lean On’. The self-hatred can be problematic at times, true, but the craftsmanship beneath the feeling, and throughout most of ‘Afraid of Heights’, is as sound as ever.


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