As with their debut LP, ‘No Future’, Wax Idols again look to the late-70s for inspiration on their follow-up. However, if the former was predominantly a punk and garage rock affair in the vein of The Buzzcocks and The Ramones, then ‘Discipline & Desire’ roots itself firmly in post-punk, referencing Siouxsie and Joy Division at their agitated, distorted best.

In the two years since we last heard from the band, Hether Fortune et al have bolstered their sound beautifully, smothering the songs in reverb and adding stadium-sized snares making this album hit with all the more force. ‘Sound Of A Void’, for example, is an incendiary grunge workout, while ‘The Cartoonist’ borrows the dry ice and leather from Twin Shadow to create a soaring, bruising bass-driven anthem. In the battle for 2013’s post-punk crown, Wax Idols are giving Savages a close run for their money.

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