Bishop Nehru to team up with hero MF Doom for new project.



When we met 16 year old, New York rapper Bishop Nehru in April, he was an hour away from meeting his hero MF Doom as he supported the masked rapper and Ghostface Killah at London’s 100 Club.

Safe to say the show went well, as it’s been announced today that the pair have been working on a new project together, as yet untitled but with original material due Lex Records and Noisy Cricket later this year.

Ultimately, what the two artist share in common is their dislike for the current direction of hip-hop – the gratuitous, style-over-substance stuff. Doom wears a mask to, as he sees it, make it all about the music, while Nehru is channeling the golden age of rap with mixtapes ‘Nehruvia’ and ‘stricklyFLOWZ’.

“I would rather sound intelligent than ignorant,” Nehru told us in Loud And Quiet 49. “In hip-hop now it’s cool to be dumb, but I don’t think that’s cool at all.”