Crocodiles last record, ‘Endless Flowers’, saw the San Diego duo loosen their jaw-clenching grip on their proverbial noise rock crown. Back with this fourth album, Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell have opted for an eruption of groovy melodies ridden with nostalgia. ‘Heavy Metal Clouds’ is a jazzy jewel with its stomping arrangements and an outrageously fun mini guitar solo, ‘She Splits Me Up’ is Crocodiles at their ride-into-the-sunset best, whilst ‘Marquis De Sade’ is as saucy as the French aristocrat it was named after.

At times though, the Californian’s old Achilles heel of just doing enough seeps through, as some songs (‘Me and My Machine Gun’ and ‘Virgin’) sound like they have been left undercooked so the boys could leave the studio to light up a big one. Regardless, Crocodiles have got their bite back.