Destruction Unit is one of the more apt names I’ve come across for a band recently; on ‘Deep Trip’, the Arizona group’s first album proper, they set about laying waste to the listener’s eardrums with all the subtlety and nuance of a pneumatic drill.

Describing their sound as “morphine boogie for the 21st century noise addict”, ‘Deep Trip’ frame the band as the rawer, punkier cousin of A Place to Bury Strangers, with opener ‘The World on Drugs’ setting the tone via walls of feedback crashing over racing drums and frontman Ryan Rousseau’s booming vocals, which grow steadily in prominence as the climactic crescendo nears.

The standout, superb slow burner ‘Bumpy Road’ proves that one hundred miles an hour is by no means a non-negotiable pace on this record, and while ‘Deep Trip’ is not the year’s most original garage noise record, it is refreshing to hear a debut album delivered with such little restraint.


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