After their excellent, Steve Shelley-featuring, The Fall-indebted, 2012 album ‘Pre Language’, and the delightfully engulfing ‘Kone’ EP of earlier this year, Disappears are clearly a band as nonplussed about slowing down as they are about remaining sonically consistent. ‘Era’, then, is yet another fork in the road for the group; one that they take with hurtling speed but blissful ease.

The sounds on this album are washed down with a heavy glug of psychedelia, all coated with spacious yet churning chugs of unrelenting guitar. It’s equally rhythmic and capacious throughout. ‘Ultra’ drives with the manic pounce and malevolence of Throbbing Gristle while ‘Elite Typical’ is a prolonged, sinister death dance groove that grumbles with Liars and PiL-like mania and allurement. Disappears are a group capable of forging new identities and personalities with every record.


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