When Labour MP Tom Watson namedropped Drenge in his resignation letter to Ed Miliband a few weeks back, Eoin and Rory Loveless’s shuddering post-punk became the centre of a maelstrom of media attention. Yes, they had released two candid, confident singles, and their debut LP was on the way, but it was the mentioning by an outgoing politician that garnered publicity. Turn to ‘Drenge’, the LP, and what you find is certainly far more deserving of your attention.

Underpinning Eoin’s spittle-flecked yelping is the sort of devotion to consistently chugging riffs you’d never expect from two barely-twentysomethings, and from the riotous chorus riff of single ‘Bloodsports’ to the breakdown of ‘Let’s Pretend’, the album’s eight-minute centrepiece, ‘Drenge’ characterises perfectly the frantic dissatisfaction of the young and the bored.


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