Holograms are keen to let everyone know what a hard old time they’ve had of this music lark. From losing their jobs to being stranded in France for two weeks with no money, to their van being broken into on a support tour, it’s been a rough ride for the Swedish quartet. Their second album continues their energetic post-punk influenced sound instated by their vivid eponymous debut, although they’ve clearly sanded off some of the edges in the process.

Having forgone the brilliant stabbing synth chords that infiltrated their debut, ‘Forever’ flaunts atmospheric melodies that sit inconspicuously alongside braying guitar riffs and thunderous drum patterns. Where ‘Holograms’ was strident and unrelenting in its delivery, its successor is often temperamental, even hesitant at times despite its apparent ferocity; Andreas Lagerström’s vocals polished where they were once unbridled and primal. The vivifying pessimism and cynicism is still there, but the album embodies something of a sterile sobriety that lacks the unadulterated nihilism Holograms are very much capable of.