Los Angeles resident Julia Holter’s third album in as many years marks her as prolific, and clearly overflowing with artistic intent, here she channels that creative instinct into a record that perhaps defines her vision – lightly jazzy, formlessly floaty, and determinedly abstract. These fragile compositions are permeated with hazy artistry.

‘World’ is like the soundtrack to the opening credits of a French film in black and white, while ‘Horns Surrounding Me’ betrays tinges of the much more coherent Bat For Lashes. But ‘Loud City Song’ is largely overly delicate and strangely impactless, like Lavender Diamond minus the emotion and joy. It’s hard to draw much pleasure from listening to it, in fact. ‘He’s Running Through My Eyes’ displays some warmth and feeling, but for the most part this feels a little bit like being dragged along to witness a friend’s first attempt at experimental theatre: mostly painful, and thoroughly tedious.


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