‘Milk’, the heart of Moderat’s second LP, starts with a simple beat and blooms outwards over ten minutes of space into a tide of ambient, Stumbleine-esque noise. Though not necessarily indicative of the shape of the album as a whole, what ‘Milk’ does is to provide a sort of sonic map for the rest of the tracks. There’s the ever-so-slightly swinging percussion, the washes of pastel noise, the catchy bass – all that’s missing is the vocals of Sascha Ring you can find swooning through tracks like ‘Bad Kingdom’.

‘II’ is not always as coherent as you’d hope, but collaborations are often more successful when based on artistic disparity, rather than unity, and what Apparat and Modeselektor have produced here is a collection of songs that work brilliantly as standalones – a collection of tracks that, even as a messy album, are well worth your time.


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