Rarely a moment passes by without a noticeable reference point in Rank/Xerox’s album, but that doesn’t stop it from being an explosive debut offering. It’s fuelled by jittery, skeletal swipes of post-punk guitar. Wire to Minutemen, The Fall to Mission of Burma – the album smashes a continuous back and forth between continents and with every blast a flying chunk of youthful snarl and bloody grit comes with it. The guitars cut through your ears like if you were using piano wire for cotton buds, but it’s a pleasurable pain.

‘Rank/Xerox’ is a record that embraces primitiveness to its very guttural core, but by doing so celebrates a joyous sparseness and coarseness that can only come from sandblasting the shit of the guitar, bass, drums and vocals combination. Like fellow city-dwellers Weekend, or Sub-Pop’s METZ, they seem to not only relish in their minimalism as a three piece, but also manage to overpower and diminish the efforts of those packing far much more manpower.


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