The Mantles are still exploring the ’60s garage pop route, just as they did on their self-titled debut album, but ‘Long Enough To Leave’ is a much more gentle affair than their sometimes gritty debut. Nonchalant guitar melodies waltz by, with Michael Olivares’ poetic lyrics complementing them, as the psychedelic tones nod out to The Velvet Underground and The Kinks.

At times they draw upon ’90s American collage rock to bring these nostalgic sounds to life, and similar to Real Estate’s ‘Days’ they offer plenty of space for the mind to wonder within the music, like on ‘Raspberry Thighs’, with its crisp riffs full of autumnal colour. This sophomore album may be at risk of submerging under the thousands of other homages to the golden decade of pop music, but lasting hooks and skilful song craft has made it float above the pack.


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