Over the last 12 years, 65DaysofStatic have made a beautifully brutal habit of convincing us the world’s about to end. As masters of meticulous math-rock, and overseers of heaving, apocalyptic guitar-heavy landscapes, they’ve always delivered music of heft and depth, and ‘Wild Light’ is gloriously no different.

Dabbles with more beat-heavy electronica on ‘We Were Exploding Anyway’ marked a subtle step forward (or backward, depending where you stand on the post-rock scale) but here, 65Days… have created something dystopian and unrelentingly victorious.

It starts with the cautionary ‘Heat Death Infinity Splitter’, its ominous electronic heave, lurching into life with slow, focused percussion and first pulsing waves of the energy that course through the album.

From the outset, there’s a merciless momentum pounding behind the granite-strength walls of heavyset guitar chords and sky-scraping guitar squall on ‘Blackspots’, and bathing in the gargantuan, static-laden reverberations of ‘Sleepwalk City’.

It helps create the sense that this is an album continuously re-charging, a little red light blinking a menacing warning, threatening collapse, inviting detonation at any moment. There’s still that trademark, raging ferocity but it’s patient and controlled, more focused around the lingering aftershock of the rumbling slow-builds as opposed to the big impacts of the crescendos. It means that the off-beat percussion and industrial atmosphere of ‘Prism’ broods and shudders to climax instead of explodes, and that the cloudburst piano gives ‘Taipei’ its unexpected Friday Night Lights tenderness amidst the furious maelstrom.

The real power, though, lies in the dual immensity of ‘Unmake the Light’ and ‘Safe Passage’ – where the former brings a deep discordance with low frequency bass and heavy slabs of guitar that barges through the silence, ‘Safe Passage’ pulses with the power of a NASA-launch ignition.

Moving with the elaborate grace of slow motion, it’s a closer that revels more in the force of its own grandiose weight, the tension of the pain-staking builds condensed into one continuous, cinematic ebb. The fact it doesn’t fully implode in one last act of defiance really doesn’t matter when the aftermath is as perfect and triumphant as this.


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