In an age where we’ve got Drake choreographing the minutiae of how his alternate album covers should be displayed on record store shelves, The Field’s simplistic approach, ironically, speaks greater volumes. Arguably more noticeable for its block colour simplicity, it’s also devastatingly apt, because ‘Cupid’s Head’ is every inch the black hole its façade suggests.

An all-consuming set built on behemoth size and scale, every one of this modest six-tracklist booms and blooms to dwarf the next, gathering a rolling rock momentum until we’re faced with something on a meteoric scale.
Book-ended by the twin nine minute monsters of ‘They Won’t See Me’ and ‘20 Seconds of Affection’, that black cover is the portal to Alex Willner’s trademark loops but here they’re heavy-set and heaving, moving slowly and purposefully, guided by an unrelenting force. It’s one that’s channelled into the upbeat atmosphere on title-track ‘Cupid’s Head’, flipped into the ragged rhythms and busy glitch beats of ‘Black Sea’, and left to gloriously drift on the sanguine ‘A Guided Tour’.

But the centrepiece of the album is the echoing introspection of ‘No No’ and its eerie looped vocal, skewed melodies and wave after wave pulsing electronic matter. The darkest jewel of a mesmeric collection, it’s less about the big detonations, and more about the gargantuan build-ups, ritualistic layering and the engulfing white noise that fills every second of dead space.

Fittingly it all plays out on surging defiance of album closer ’20 Seconds of Affection’. Raging with the warmth and depth of a genuine showstopper, it’s energised by the white-noise force-field that gives ‘Cupid’s Head’ it’s Solaris pull, and the immersive, devouring finale it deserves. So sit back and just let this one come.


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