Emiliana Torrini has been making records since 1994, though her early efforts appeared only in her native Iceland. This is her fourth ‘official’ release, and for the first time there’s quite a glossy sheen to the music, borne of some slick, poppy production.

The title track is a slice of deftly chilled beats, something akin to the best of Cat Power’s more recent efforts, while ‘Autumn Sun’ strips things down a little, with pure melodies and the merest hint of melancholy; it just needs a little vinyl crackle to be almost perfect. Then there’s ‘Speed Of Dark’, an eighties meeting of minds between Madonna and Kate Bush – a shiny piece of laid-back electropop. ‘Tookah’ is a crafted record; an album filled with skill and beauty. It won’t grab you by the throat and shake your soul, but it will gently draw you into its world.


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