Based in North Carolina, and probably even more at home staring into his bedroom ceiling, Jackson Scott is the sort of singer-songwriter for whom the art is in the introspection. “A lot of the songs are just about random, metaphysical, weird thoughts that go through my head,” he said in a recent interview, and it’s easy to see ‘Melbourne’’s strange vocal distortions, its languishing melodies and hazy guitar strumming as merely an extension of Scott’s musings – based more on his own identity than any external musical influence.

Of course, this makes for a unique batch, and tracks like ‘Any Way’, with its pitch-shifted crooning, or ‘Together Forever’, with its feedback swells, are pristine lo fi pop. It’s a shame that ‘Melbourne’ is far too preoccupied with looking at itself – distorting itself into these strange shapes – to really assert its identity as an