After 9 years of domineering dubstep, Hyperdub’s muscling in on the pop world was always going to be understated and assured – stealth, even. Jessy Lanza’s debut album of feather-light, dub-imbued RnB is easily mistaken as the work of an estate-savvy south Londoner, which is why ‘Pull My Hair Back’ feels so at home on this label despite its notable nods to vocalized pop music.

Truth is, Lanza, along with her co-writer and producer Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys, is from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, which itself partly explains the vaguely Grimes-esque falsetto featured on ‘Giddy’ and ‘Fuck Diamond’. Claire Boucher treads likes an elephant compared to Lanza for the most part, though, who seduces with a whisper so soft it beckons you to crane your head closer to your speakers on more than one occasion, and especially on minimal slow jam ‘Kathy Lee’.

Of course, when I say ‘muscling in on the pop world’, music this void of blatant sex or a verse from Kanye West has no more chance of breaking than, say, Chromatics do; a sad fact even true of the most upbeat track here – disco love number ‘Keep Moving’. It’s more a case of how pop music could be, in a slower world that gets off on subtlety and a title that lets you fill in the blanks. Calling a track ‘Against The Wall’ is all Lanza needs to do to get you into bed… or against the wall… or anywhere she wants.