Seventeen years is long enough for rust to form on even the most carefully galvanized dream-pop, but, if anything, Mazzy Star’s 2011 ‘Common Burn’/ ‘Lay Myself Down’ was a signifier of Hope Candevel and David Roback’s longevity. ‘Common Burn’ sits prettily in the centre of this new LP, Candevel crooning late-night into her oblivious lover’s ear with the sort of tenderness that could sell a track through all its flaws.

However, as you progress through Seasons of Your Day – whether it’s the soft, string-bending Americana of ‘Flying Low’, the simple vocal line of ‘California’: “It’s all far/ it’s all far/ far away” or the tussling guitars of Roback and the late Bert Jansch in ‘Spoon’ – you realise that tenderness and delicacy are not concealers for these folks – they are decorative, and overlay the subtle relationships between vocals and guitar that underpin a beautiful and long-overdue return.


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