You’ve heard Manchester’s PiNS even if you haven’t. They’re all about squalor, K-fuelled flat parties, fag-burnt tights and trashy guitars that buzz like electric fences. They’re modern advocates of “shambling” (John Peel’s term for the C86 generations’ primal approach to recorded sound) and strut in the way Savages might had they never discovered ‘The Scream’ by Siouxsie And The Banshees. Of course, despite landing on the map after some excitable blog prattle that compared them to Warpaint, such familiarity makes for a rather humdrum listen.

Sure, the title track brags the sort of mutinous, snarling rock ‘n’ roll that Deap Vally would trade a limb for and ‘I Want It All’ oozes noir-ish intensity (like defunct East Londoners Ipso Facto by way of Vivian Girls), but the whole thing’s fastened to the ground by its overwhelmingly unintriguing modus operandi. In fact, like watching a distinctly average film that’s riddled with familiar faces pre-IMDb, ‘Girls Like Us’ feels like an evocative puzzle rather than actual fun.

That said, it’s not a totally thrill-less half an hour; ‘Waiting For The End’ could be ‘Youth & Young Manhood’ given a layer of gloss by Camera Obscura, while ‘Velvet Morning’’s spoken word and ‘Skying’-like fret play would serve as a suitable antidote to a dazed and narcotic-headed sunrise. As for the rest, it’s by no means terrible, but at the same time it’s hard to get in a tizzy over something that seems so inevitably destined for Rimmel London’s next ad campaign.


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