Sometimes the best advertising campaigns are the most understated. Such is the debut album from Darkside; the project of classically trained American-Chilean musician Nicholas Jaar and partner in crime multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington, which, as of writing this, has received next to no publicity other than a mysterious New York listening party in late August.

‘Psychic’, like its idiomatic self-titled predecessor, requires a lot of post-listening unravelling. It appears to take on a new identity with each and every track, from the swirling, twinkling narrative of the broody ‘The Only Shrine I’ve Seen’ that rolls into cavernous vocal echoes, to the catchy ‘Heart’ with its strident drums and half-sung/half-whispered lyrics calling out between welcoming guitar riffs. It’s a bold transition from the atmospheric EP released two years ago, and although there’s still moments of bitter asceticism – see the static opening of ‘Golden Arrow’ and the intense, abrasive interlude on ‘Freak Go Home’ – there’s also something a little more tangible here, something a little more fervent.


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