After 2 albums and 4 years as Spectrals, Louis Jones retires his project.



Back in August 2009, Louis Jones played his first ever show as Spectrals opening our stage at Offset Festival. We didn’t curate another festival stage until Beacons festival last month (August 2013), where Spectrals once again performed for us. Sadly though, that will be Jones’ last show under this particular moniker, at least, as he announced last week that he’s pulling the plug on a project that saw him release two albums via Wichita Records.

The Leeds-based Jones simply tweeted: “I’ve decided to quit doing music as Spectrals. All upcoming shows are cancelled. Thank you!”.

His 2013 album ‘Sob Story’ is still available here.

Read Spectrals first ever interview, from Loud And Quiet 9, here.

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