Veronica Falls guitarist James Hoare and Argentinian Max Clapps originally met in 2005, when the latter’s kleptomaniac girlfriend asked him to distract Hoare, an innocuous shop assistant, while she shoplifted some boots from a vintage shop in Notting Hill. The two bonded over a book on The Velvet Underground, exchanged numbers and the rest, as they say, is proverbial history that will preface every consequent piece of journalism written about them.

Their debut album, ‘Waiting For The Summer’, is music to take a Valium to: sultry, summer-infused guitar-pop with psychedelic-inspired guitar riffs that evoke hazy nostalgia for the ’60s, whilst still keeping a firm foot in the present. Ignoring the occasional onslaught of heavily repetitive lyrics that become more than a little tedious at times (see ‘Riverboat’ and ‘Waiting For the Summer’), its well-crafted melodies and romanticised seasonal mentality ultimately prevails.


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