Look! it’s Kevin Costner on the cover of a new Vision Fortune EP


Vision Fortune, who earlier this year released one of our favourite drone records of the year, will follow up ‘Mas Fiestas Con El Grupo Vision Fortune’ with a much more stripped back mixtape called ‘Titanic Part II: The Legend Goes On… (2000)’.

It’ll be released physically by London label Italian Beach Babes this coming Monday (Sept 23), but you can also stream it all below.

It’s a record inspired by sport. Says band leader Andres Cuatroquesos: “The music for Titanic Part II: The Legend Goes On… (2000) came to me kind of suddenly as I was watching a film by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, about the innovative combination of two great American sports, baseball and basketball. In particular there was a piece of music by the film’s composer, Ira Newborn, that struck me with how bizarre it was and that it was essentially a song that was trying to convey something inexpressible about sports. It inspired me to look at everyday exercise activities, and see that there was something kind of inexpressible about them that I wanted to convey through music.”

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