Every now and again a band shows up that don’t try to adapt to their surroundings. Indebted to early 90s grunge and Millennial American indie, Chichester three-piece Traams are a wilful anachronism. As the band members get gunged, Dave Benson Phillips-style in the video for new single ‘Flowers’, it serves as a visual cue for a sound that’s deliberately messy, staggering delightfully in and out of focus and held together, barely, by a metronomic Krautrock rhythm section.

Stu Hopkins’s squall as he describes a similarly disordered sexual liaison (“I don’t even know your number and you don’t even know my name”) is the most downright guttural sound to emerge since Alec Ounsworth and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah surfaced a decade ago. There are tender moments too, and Traams, it should be said, are able to hold both rough and smooth simultaneously, with ‘Head Roll’ recalling the dream-distortion of ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’-era Cure.

Elsewhere, ‘Hands’ recalls post-2000 Modest Mouse in the indie folk of its screeched tenderness. So while Traams are led by their gut, they’re far from lacking in guile, and ‘Grin’, therefore, is a success.


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