A distinct nineties indie vibe pervades Younghusband’s debut LP, like the long-forgotten yet excitingly reminiscent odour of an old MBV T-shirt you’d find at the bottom of the cupboard. Early on, ‘Comets Crossed’ is like a straighter Beta Band; ‘Running Water’ is vaguely spacey and slightly unsettling, while ‘Silver Sister’ is a kind of soft-touch krautrock, relentless yet oddly lacking in impact.

Listening to ‘Dromes’ makes you feel like you’re sat in a tented stage at a festival in the mid-afternoon, while bright sunshine from outside permeates the gloom. The second of the album’s two instrumental tracks is like an indie lullaby, so melodically soothing as to be sleep-inducing. But there’s a fine line between spaced out and plain lethargic, and barring the title track, which builds up into something layered and epic, Younghusband drift guilelessly over that line a few too many times.


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