This debut album from Yorkshire quartet Grass House is the kind of record you really want to like; a set of songs by obviously talented musicians who want to present us with something special and new. Various influences fight their way to the surface early on, ‘Spinning As We Turn’ oddly bringing to mind a slowed-down Six By Seven, and ‘Faun’ suffused with the menace, bombast and story-telling vibe of a decent Nick Cave song.

Final track ‘Avocado Eyes’ throws another curveball into the mix, channelling as it does the lyrical rhythm of Inspiral Carpets’ ‘This Is How It Feels’. The production throughout feels (perhaps deliberately) rough, yet expansive, and there are one or two moments of near-epic crafted beauty, but ultimately what the record boils down to is this: another forty minutes of pretty good, but not startlingly great, conventional guitar music.


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