Delorean’s claim of ‘Apar’ being a “big production album” is fully realised in opening track and lead single ‘Spirit’. The drums sound polished and synthesised and Lopetegi’s vocals aren’t lost within the same hazy reverb that defined 2010’s ‘Subiza’. They’ve also duly shifted away from the dance floor, while retaining the right amount of hedonism to prevent their sound straying too far away from their Balearic tendencies.

The synths and drum machines they once only used to augment their live sound are still present, and the band still remain inherently optimistic sonically, but there’s sentiment in Lopetegi’s narrative that’s salient in his depiction of the impermanence of love that permeates throughout. Underneath the overt exuberance lies a philosophical disposition, but it’s a record for a particular place and time and as we enter the tail end of summer, it’s probably a little too late to the party.


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